Covid-19 Information

Drop offs - Every student will be met at the door and asked to sanitize their hands. If a student appears to be sick in any way they will be asked to go home. If a child appears sick to a tutor during class they will be separated from the group and a guardian will be called to pick them up early. Adults are asked to stay outside the building unless attending a class. Your child will meet outside the building and directed where to go, at the end of their lesson I will be outside making sure children do not leave the grounds without their guardian. 

Contact tracing - I already have a log of every student and or their gaudian including phone and email address. I have spoken to the building owners about getting a QR code for the building for those who use the app. 

Cleaning - The group that uses the building before us have been asked to complete a wipe down before handing it over for the day. Our tutors already wipe down between classes, however we will now also be wiping down materials before the classes and doing extra cleaning of door handles, taps ect between classes. If your class starts a minute or two late please be patient as well clean. 

Face coverings - We welcome and encourage the use of a face mask or covering as I can not accommodate for a 1-2 metre distance between students. The venue we use is small and space is limited. I will be attempting to supply face coverings to the tutors but unfortunately I can not supply enough for students. I also can not enforce that face coverings or masks are worn. I ask that every one shows respect to their fellow student whether they wear a face covering or not. 

If you feel that this is not a safe environment for you or your child please talk to me and see if we can do something to make you feel comfortable. If you wish to withdraw yourself or your child from our courses due to the alert levels please contact me directly. 

If we are moved up in alert levels things will be reviewed again.